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Designing a Room like an Interior Decorator

Published By: Alicia Probst  -  Monday, January 25, 2016

Everyone knows that the homes on movies and television always look much better than anything we could try to do in our own living spaces. It would be amazing if you could come home to a place that was perfectly staged and had every piece of furniture and décor exactly where it should be and how you envisioned it. While we can't promise you that your home will look like it belongs on the set of a blockbuster, we can definitely give you tips on how to wow your friends, family, and neighbors when they come over.

Accent Pieces

If a film feels a little too drab or plain you can use something as simple as a set of bright pillows or a well chosen framed picture in order to accentuate the positive aspects of a space. Consider a theme for each of the rooms, ti can be a color scheme or a particular decorative motif that you enjoy and place items around the room within the category. You don't need anything kitschy and you don't have to go too overboard, just bring something that add pop or pizzazz to the area.

Hard Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is common in most well decorated homes and spaces on the big screen. Carpeting is quickly becoming a thing of the past, they get dirty and stained and they just aren't as visually pleasing as a nice shiny hard wood floor. It isn't required that you break the bank in order to make the change either, laminate and faux wood are just as beautiful and usually cost half as much as real hard wood flooring. Now, this doesn't mean that you should avoid carpeting all together because accent rugs can be a beautiful, eye popping way to freshen up a room.

Empty Space

As mentioned above, It can be tempting to want to fill every square inch of your home with something just to fill the space, but actually that has the opposite effect of what you're striving for - in Hollywood, sometimes less is more. Think about all your favorite homes you've seen on the screen, are they filled to the brim or are there a lot of open spaces? Allowing the space to just speak for itself can go a long way in making it an aesthetically pleasing setting.

Make it Unique, just like you!

The number one thing that can be done to make your home feel like the cozy havens that you see on tv is to put your personal touch on it. No one is ever going to love exactly what you love, so the most important thing about having a home that's designed by you is making sure that it's designed for you. It's pointless to have a beautiful house that's filled with things you dislike and furniture that you don't find comfortable. Don't be afraid to be an individual and throw your own style in there. Chances are that others are going to like that you've made the space your own slice of well decorated heaven.

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