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Furnishing Your Arts and Crafts Porch

Published By: Alicia Probst  -  Saturday, January 30, 2016

Homes in the Arts and Crafts style tend to have a front porch that is traditional and common in the style, and that's one of the many joys of it. Before air conditioning the porch, this deep, cool and shady area was the only shelter from the summer heat. Decorating an Arts and Crafts porch in a way that is appropriate for the style just makes sense. Here's how you can get that done!

Start with Seating

Simplistic, elegant and functional furnishings made from wood are a hallmark of the Arts and Crafts style. Whenever possible you should have chairs, rocking chairs, or porch swings made of wood. Cherry, maple, oak or pine are all ideal woods to use.

You should have cushions made from simple, natural materials such as cotton or linen, and you don't need to worry about fade-proof materials since the porch is shaded to begin with. Keep your covers stain free for years by looking for machine washable, removable covers. Nice colors to choose from are earth tones like cocoa, sage or clay.

The genial atmosphere of the porch is great for encouraging conversations and long evenings of relaxation, so you should think about adding extra seating for guests. Benches and long swings make it easy to seat several people without bulky chairs because of their narrow construction, making them perfect for the job.

Lighting Ideas

The popularity of Arts and Crafts lighting means that you're just in luck, as it exists today in many modern versions. Lanterns, wall sconces and chandeliers are all great choices for an Arts and Crafts porch. Popular versions feature a square lantern shape of polished wood or copper joints and opaque glass. It may even be possible to find cute novelty light strands featuring mini-lanterns with metal shades for overhead lighting.


The Arts and Crafts style is all about honoring man's harmony with nature, so it makes sense to feature some beautiful plants on your porch. Colorful baskets of geraniums or fuchsias or a simple container garden of useful herbs are both great ideas to choose from. Avoid any pots made from plastic, resin or glass and instead use plain terra-cotta or beautifully crafted ceramics.


Lots of special touches can be added to your Arts and Crafts porch to make it unique. You can turn your porch into an all-weather spot by adding a ceramic or metal free-standing fire pit or fire bowl. You can also give guests another cozy option with a storage chest filled with warm, natural-fiber blankets.

Adding elements nearby critters will enjoy can help you keep your harmony with nature. You can help keep your porch fauna-friendly with a simple birdbath, bird feeder, or even a snack tray for squirrels or kitties in the neighborhood.

Be sure to dress up your porch with homemade crafts during the holidays. Crafting and putting together a 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas wreath can be done easily and quickly with one trip to the crafts store and some hot glue. You can use basic decorations like colorful bunting or flags in order to give your porch a celebratory atmosphere in keeping with the style's respect of homemade goods.

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