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Make Your Home Yours

Published By: Alicia Probst  -  Wednesday, February 3, 2016

LivingRoomPicturesThere is no greater feeling than creating something and having the knowledge that it came from your talents. “Do it yourself" and “handmade" have become two of the most used phrases in the 21st century, and with good reason! Homemade is in, the less costly it is the better it is. We live in a world where it's possible to add flair to a room with a trip to the home goods store and a few online tutorials, meaning that it isn't required that we spend tons of cash on a living room remodel. One of the best things is that it's all up to you, here money is no object and the whole thing can be as cheap or as costly as you like. The following are a few ways that you can upgrade your living space yourself:

Refinishing Furnishings

Adding a dash of paint or a new layer of fabric to an old and fading furniture piece can really liven up a room, and make you feel like you just purchased a brand new set from the showroom. Many arts and crafts and home improvement stores have everything you need to start your makeover, and some even offer classes to help you do it! Don't underestimate just how much your day and routine can be brightened up by a little change.

A Hand-Painted Portrait

If you're artistic and you know it, why not show it? Painting classes are all the rage in 2016 and if you get into one of these fun courses, then you will instantly have a painting ready to be added over your fireplace or along an accent wall. Often you'll be able to choose what works best for your décor and personal style as you're typically able to see what the instructor is going to be teaching on any given week. And, on the plus side if you have any visitors come over and ask about your amazing painting, you can proudly respond that it's your creation!

Custom Lighting

Typically, when you read the words “custom lighting," visions of pricey and shiny fixtures come to mind. That does not always have to be the case. Something that the entire family can be a part of is creating a fun and unique lampshade or chandelier cover. You can piece together sea shells from your recent trip to the beach, or pictures from your last photo shoot, and make a beautiful lighting fixture that is guaranteed to be one of a kind. Tutorials and tips can be found all over the internet, don't be afraid to dive in and make it your own!

These tips are a great way to get started in creating your crafty home decor. When you're on a budget and don't have the money to fully jump in, bargain shopping for deals and checking online for bulk discounts is great for saving money. Nothing should hold you back from experiencing the joy and pride of knowing that the item you love so much was built and fashioned lovingly by you.

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