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Log Cabin Décor Motifs

Published By: Alicia Probst  -  Saturday, February 13, 2016

LogCabinLog cabin décor can be kitschy, romantic or elegant. It all depends on what you like. One great way to make a log cabin design come together is to choose a single unifying motif that appears throughout the home and shows up in various places like dish towels, knick knacks and wall sconces. You can define you space with these popular log cabin motifs.

Woodland Animals

One of the longest lasting motifs for log cabin design involves woodland creatures. This is a detail that is usually made to fit the individual cabin: moose in Maine, black bears in Yosemite, salmon in Alaska, and so forth. Visitors will feel more in harmony with their natural environment if you incorporate design touches that evoke local animals.

Adding animal motifs throughout a log cabin can be done in a ton of ways. You could use paintings, sketches, or nature drawings of animals as a great form of artwork for your walls. Faux-fur details are a great way to subtly evoke an animal with harming his real-life counterparts. Printed fabrics are another great choice for you if you want to show off an animal motif.


For reasons involving convenience and recreation, log cabins are often located near water. Whether you have a soft and still lake, a tumbling cascade or a wild river near your cabin, incorporating a water motif just makes total sense. You will create a balance by incorporating both in your cabin, as the harmony of wood and water is an ancient thing.

You could add an indoor fountain to your home in order to add a water motif to your décor. You don't need anything large or showy; it can be quite amazing how peaceful you can feel with a small fountain's soft tinkling. Other possible additions include floating candle bowls. Choose a color palette that includes shades of blue and white, and include some water motifs in the artwork.


If it isn't enough for you to just have a cabin made of wood, why not add a tree motif? A guest in a log cabin can benefit greatly from remembering that cabins don't simply sprout of out of nothing; it was once a tree, and then became something of great use. Tree motifs are extremely popular in log cabin design, and they can be used in lots of amazing ways.

When you add tree-themed décor, you need to remember that the tree isn't working alone in being the motif. You can include pine needles, changing leaves, acorns, nuts, and bark in their natural forms or as motifs. Get a rug with an acorn or leaf motif, or create a natural potpourri with jars of pine needles and cones.

Of course, trees themselves can make a beautiful motif. On top of being depicted in realistic artwork, you can also have them carved into wood furniture or silhouetted over light sources like candles or sconces. You can also give your décor a whimsical and retro feel with cute novelty tree items, like paper towel holders or kitchen canisters.

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