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Accessorizing an Arts and Crafts House

Published By: Alicia Probst  -  Saturday, February 13, 2016

LampInteriorThe Arts in Crafts style is defined by the small items that help to give it its name, even though its focus is on broad design principles and a philosophy of naturalism. The literal “arts" and “crafts" of the style is a reference to the handmade, unique items that are built by master craftsmen, and these are the objects that best help define Arts and Crafts homes. Here are some accessories that are quite common in an Arts and Crafts home.


During the early 20th century, when the Arts and Crafts style achieved popularity, built-in lighting fixtures weren't very common. Even though modern lighting is also incorporated, lamps are an accepted addition to many Arts and Crafts houses. Several lamp designs are prevalent in those dwellings.

Lanterns have a Japanese design influence, however, they have a simplicity and practicality that appealed to early Arts and Crafts designers. Lanterns made of wood or copper, with traditional paper or frosted glass incorporated as lenses, are common.

This mica lamp is, hands down, the most recognizable kind of Arts and Crafts lamp. This lamp is usually made with a ceramic or metal base and is known for its tinted mica shade, often with dark silhouettes of animals, trees or other accents on the shade. The silhouettes are illuminated, and a warm orange glow is emitted when the light is turned on.


One of the greatest crafts shown off in this style of design is clock making. Arts and Crafts design and clocks go so well together because clocks are a reflection of the design philosophies of pragmatism and simple beauty. Wood is the usual material used for clocks in this style, and they range in size from small mantle clocks to full-size grandfather clocks.

Arts and Crafts clocks typically have wood that is highly polished and simply decorated. Many are cut so that the top is a bit more narrow than the bottom. Some have woodcarvings near the face of the clock, and some have an inset panel of stained glass.

Art Tiles

Tile making is another craft that is popular in the Arts and Crafts style. These can be incorporated into room design as backsplashes or as part of a mosaic, but may also be framed and displayed as artwork. Art tiles are typically square or rectangular and they tend to be made from ceramics. They come in different sizes and some sets can include multiple tiles that are supposed to display as a triptych.

Decorations on art tiles can be painted, carved, or a combination of the two. They typically have nature scenes or natural motifs of plants, birds, and animals. Some may show a single scene that is also shown during different seasons and different days.


Rugs are very popular for Arts and Crafts rooms. The rugs are usually made as large area rugs and they feature geometric designs and simplified but naturalistic depictions of flowers, vines, or sometimes animals. Instead of being crafted from synthetic materials, they are usually made using wool or silk, and they can feature Celtic and Asian knot border designs.

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